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The Mishu Story

About 10 years ago, the great Kasia Davis founded Mishu Designs with the goal of creating a tween product line that was affordable, cool and extraordinary. The company was named Mishu, which translates as “teddy bear” in Polish for Kasia’s husband Andy. The two of them traveled the trade show and overseas factory circuits as Kasia developed, perfected and expanded the Mishu line from a single magnetic photo cable to hundreds of magnetic and unique gift oriented products.

During the years at the trade shows, Kasia and Joey Gilbert were often neighbors and became good friends that led parallel lives on the business and road circuits. They share a common work ethic, appreciation of their customers, and drive to predict “the next big thing.” Joey and Kasia watched as each other grew their respective businesses in the gift industry and became trusted advisers to each other for various important business decisions. When Kasia decided that she wanted to retire from Mishu and start a family with Andy, Joey was a natural fit for taking over, buying and growing the business. In 2013, we did just that and moved the operations from Chicago to New York, forming Mishu Designs NY, Inc. We look forward to an incredible future for Mishu and thank Kasia for creating such a dynamic and fantastic business.